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Stovax and Gazco design and manufacture wood burning, multi-fuel, gas and electric stoves, fires and fireplaces. The Stovax Group is the largest stove and fireplace producer in the UK, who cater for everyone’s requirements by supplying contemporary to traditional designs.


Stovax Ltd was established in 1981, and designed, manufactured and distributed wood burning stoves and fireside accessories. They were originally based in Exeter, England.

By 1988, they began to manufacture gas-fired versions of Stovax stoves, which led to a separate company being formed to develop and produce them. This was Gazco Ltd, and still to this day, the two companies work very closely together, with each company constantly developing their product range. In fact, the combined businesses have grown to become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of stoves, fireplaces and fires, and export their products to countries all throughout the world.

In 2006, Stovax Ltd purchased Yeoman, who is a long-established manufacturer of wood burning stoves, who specialise in a more rustic and rural styling. They continue to produce a separate range of wood burning, multifuel, gas and electric stoves and fires under this brand.

Stovax is the UK and Republic of Ireland distributor for several additional fireplaces and stove brands, including ‘Dovre’, ‘Lotus’ and ‘Nordpeis’.


Wood is already being accepted as an economic, renewable and carbon neutral energy source, because of the depletion of fossil fuels and unprecedented increases in costs. Stovax stoves and fires are incredibly efficient, meaning they will continue to provide ‘green’ heating for the 21st Century. The company prides itself on committing to researching alternative technologies that will provide heating in the years ahead.

Gazco are continuing to make advancements in the development of high efficiency gas fire technology and highly realistic flame-effect electric fires, which is helping to keep them at the forefront of the market.


All Stovax stoves are expertly crafted to be traditional in appearance, yet modern in flexibility and convenience, which makes them incredibly irresistible. Regardless of whether you choose a wood burning stove, or a multi-fuel option, they are all clean burning and highly efficient. The stoves all come in different sizes and styles, so they really do suit all rooms and living spaces.

Get inspired by expertly designed Stovax stoves and brands and have a look through the brochures to the left, to view their solid fuel and wood burning stoves.

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Gazco gas stoves will certainly create a centrepiece in your home. They have been inspired by the solid fuel counterpart, and our selection are available in both a range of sizes, and fuel effects. They are highly efficient and are available as both a manual control, or can be upgraded to a remote-control version, which will give you maximum enjoyment without having to move at all.

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